About the project

About the project

A central point in a new Prague neighborhood

In 2017, plans for the redevelopment of Bubny Station moved into the next phase. Thanks to support from the Czech Ministry of Culture, we have been able to start work on the documents necessary for selecting the construction contractor. Because of certain changes in architecture, we are simultaneously updating the original documents necessary for the construction permit.

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Visualization of the Memorial of Silence - view from Bubenská Street.

Bubny Station is located in a place that looks more like a peripheral wasteland than the middle of a large city. In fact, the “Bubny-Zátory” site is Prague’s largest redevelopment zone and shows immense potential.
In Holešovice, the train tracks are set to be replaced by wide modern streets, squares, and all the necessary infrastructure for urban development.
The new memorial will thus be a focal point within this new agglomeration. It will be neither a modern monument nor a funerary site, but a crossroads of topics aimed at enriching the lives of young people seeking answers.

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Visualization of the Memorial of Silence with "The Gate of Infinity" from Aleš Veselý.

Besides the conversion of the train station building, our plans also include the realization of urbanist projects in the public space that will explore the final steps of Prague’s deported residents during the Nazis’ “Final Solution.” These projects will mark the path followed by Prague’s Jews from the former site of the Radiotrh exhibition hall (where deportees were registered prior to boarding the transports) to the station itself. The assembly site inside the long-demolished exhibition space was located on the space between the Parkhotel Praha and the Trade Fair Palace. For this reason, starting one’s visit to the Memorial of Silence at this location strikes us as a justified intervention into the city’s public space.